Esky Are Back! A few years back Esky were the leading RC helicopter factory. Their models were very popular and the helicopters of choice for both novices and experienced hobbyists. Then Esky was taken over by Zonda Hobbies and the models disappeared from the market. Zonda decided they wanted to replace all the old models with modern new and improved versions and discontinued all the old ones. The problem was that the new models were not ready and there was many delays bringing the new models to the market as they wanted them to be perfect. By popular demand the famous Honey Bee and Honey Bee V2 were brought back into production while the new models were finished but with the lack of the new models Esky lost their leading status in the market. But now Esky are back and Nitrotek are the first to have in stock the first of the new models to be released. There is a range of flybarless single rotor helicopters, from the 4 channel "150" with main rotor length of 168mm, to the 6ch "500" with 560mm rotor. There is also the first of their new "DTS" range. This is a new range of highly detailed, hand painted replica radio controlled helicopters. They look as good as a plastic model kit but fly as well as a pro level model which is unique in the market. You can see all the new Esky helicopters here: