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HSP 1/8 Radio Grafische Off Road Rock Crawler - 2.4 GHz

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Als de snelheid is de sleutel tot racen, finesse is de sleutel tot rock crawlen. RC Rock crawlen is een test van de machine, concentratie, rijvaardigheid en pure wil. RC Rock crawlers zorgvuldig onderhandelen over moeilijke rotsformaties en obstakels overwinnen dat gewone voertuigen niet eens kon beginnen te klimmen. De 1/8ste schaal Radio Controlled Rock crawler u klimmen over de meest uitdagende ruige terrein.



The new HSP 1/8th scale radio controlled crawler is equipped with twin motors and a lot of metal parts to ensure solid construction and performance. A high precision ESC is also equipped on the Car. The 1/8th scale rock crawler allows you to climb over the most challenging rugged terrain.
The Model comes with a 2.4G radio which means the range is longer and more stable plus you do not have to worry about interference from other drivers.


This RC car measures 645mm x 225
mm x 375mm (length, height, width)


Twin motors allow you to climb over the most challenging rugged terrain.


Adjustable extra long aluminium oil-filled shocks are mounted to aluminium towers that allow you to adjust the angle and tension.


Chrome plated beadlock is fixed by 18 screws ensuring the tyre and wheel rim do not seperate.



The perfect design enables the crawler to climb over the most challenging rugged terrain.


For climbing the most difficult rocks.

Gear Box


All new 2.4GHz radio technology is used. This is more reliable than the old FM equipment and allows multiple RC cars to be used in the same area without interference.



Specificaties & Kenmerken

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer H94883
Manufacturer HiSpeed
Schaal 1:8
Bouwen RTR
Aandrijven 4WD
Voor Terrein Off Road
Radio Aparatuur 2.4 GHz
Type Crawler
Motor / Engine Brushed
  • Altura: 225mm
  • Longitud: 645mm
  • Ancho: 375mm
  • Ratio de engranajes: 1:48
  • Motores: 2 x 540
  • Peso: 5300g
  • Distancia entre ejes: 460mm
  • Radio: 2CH 2.4 GHz
  • Diámetro de la rueda: 182mm
  • Ancho de la rueda: 82 mm
  • Batería: 7.2 v 2000 MaH
  • Servo impermeable, ESC y receptor
  • Caja de engranajes delantera/trasera independiente
  • Sistema accionado por motor gemelo
  • Protectores laterales sólidos de aluminio
  • Los amortiguadores rellenos de aceite de aluminio
  • Equipado con un montón de piezas metálicas
  • 1/8 el diseño del cuerpo de la báscula
  • Neumáticos de escalada todoterreno de alta calidad
  • El diseño perfecto permite que el Crawler suba sobre el terreno accidentado más desafiante
  • La batería está bien fijada con un conjunto de placas, seguro pero fácil de quitar.
  • El beadlock de la rueda cromado está fijado por 18 tornillos que aseguran que el neumático y la llanta de la rueda no se separen.
  • Apto para todos los terrenos interiores & exterior
Heb Je Nodig Om Het Te Gebruiken
  • 8 x pilas AA
Dollar Price For Bonanza 183.87



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  1. 7 months hard crawling and still going strong

    Per The Green Man (update 7 months on) December 06, 2013

    UPDATE - 7 MONTHS ON....
    Bought this 7 months ago and it is great fun. I've taken it up Kinder Scout (6 miles) several times on 3x 4000mAh Lipos.It's been through 10 foot snowdrifts and through streams. I've replaced a few bits but nothing too major. The 50T/15T diff gears are difficult to get and can loose a tooth if you really bash it. I've got through 2 already!! I use it VERY hard. It has fallen down 20 foot rock faces and has rolled down hills on many occasions. I don't expect to not break bits (30 years RC experience). I've added a 1/10 land rover extreme bodyshell and it looks superb. It has got me so into rock crawling that I have now bought and made a GMade R1 which is even better (but a lot more expensive and smaller) and I am starting to look at 1/5th Killer Krawlers... I create fun amongst walkers wherever I go crawling. I drive the HSP everywhere I go walking then get the R1 off my rucksack when I get to juicy rocks. Derbyshire is absolutely full of juicy rocks...
    This is a very capable and robust crawler. I can't recommend it highly enough.

  2. super rc

    Per vincent June 13, 2013

    super pour faire du crawle

  3. SKU: H94883

    Per vinc May 27, 2013

    super crawler


    Per Shaun April 21, 2013

    Great car, very big and heavy would recommend to anyone.

  5. Beast . . .

    Per The Green Man March 01, 2013

    After much research I just couldn't resist a 1/8 scale crawler over a 1/10 scale. The size difference is huge. This 1/8 crawler will go over large logs where 1/10 will be too small to get started on it. Most competitive crawling is with 1/10 and it is easier to find suitable courses in a smaller scale. Even so the massive size is just so much fun. I now see courses everywhere I go !! There are some upgrades that are worth doing to make it better:
    Cheap 4 wheel steer - the crawler almost has 4ws already - all you need: 98021 servo plate, 98022 servo mounts, 98010 steering link (only sold in sets of 2), suitable servo (3kg or more, £10ish), Y splitter receiver cable (to connect 2 servos to the single channel), a servo reverser (to make the front servo act as normal but to reverse the rear servo to get the opposite wheel direction from front to back), some cable ties. I Ebayed for a Y cable and signal reverse . . .
    Tyres are worth upgrading - google for recommendations (about £25 for a set of 4 with foams). The more grip from the tyres the better you will crawl. Soft memory foam is essential for maximum deformation at contact points.
    Wheel weights - it is worth adding weights to at least the front wheels. It really helps with getting up steep inclines.
    I've also added alloy side arms.
    You'll also need to drastically trim the bodyshell to keep it clear at all possible positions. It needs loads cutting from it to make it truly fit.
    I would suggest a 7.4V Lipo 2S 30C 5000mAh battery. ESC copes fine and you get an eternity of runtimes with decent grunt. May be worth upgrading motors at some point.
    I now take this everywhere I go walking as there is always an amazing rock that just must be conquered !! I just put a shoulder strap on it. Pretty heavy but not too bad.
    I love this machine. Great price and customer service from Nitrotek. Very impressed. Buy one.

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